About us

07073 Games Website  was founded in 2002 and officially transformed into a well-known media that runs Web Games information in 2009, it inherited the concept of one-stop service and the mode of media integrated operation, leading the industry on cutting-edge games information media. Moreover, in recent years,we became the strategic partner of China Telecom for games business, the exclusive content provider for Netease Web Games Channel, the special partner for GTV media and CGBC in 2010.   

Our website provides the games player with the most cutting-edge games developments, the industry information, the exclusive walkthroughs, the original news commentaries, the original developments for foreign Web Games and the amazing information for the most recent valuable news. It attracts hundreds of thousands of Web Games players to enjoy themselves here, which is one of the most largest domestic Web Games portal site with the most comprehensive web games information.

07073 has 800,000 independent IP and 5 million page views, with a database of more than one thousand Web Games which are updated in real time, updating more than 1,000 articles with more than 50 originals everyday. They are widely reproduced by many portal and peer sites for the professional and trenchant style.

Our company is committed to"provding the professional promotion platform for our business partners, the most advanced services for the players". The cooperation of advertisement and commercial affairs go to market in depth, the network spreads throughout the country. We provids the customers with advertisement subscribing,article publication,activity planning and execution and strategic cooperation services deeply and so on. We aspire to become the "world-class" leader of Web Games information media in China, creating the high-quality platform for the manufactures and players.

Contact us
  • Address:No.29, 11wei Road, Heping District, Shenyang. North Culture Valley 2F.
  • Phone:400-66-07073
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